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Environmental Due Diligence 



The sale or purchase of real property often prompts the need to conduct environmental due diligence. This typically starts

with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and may lead to a Phase II sampling investigation. In some cases
actual clean-up efforts are performed as a condition of sale; these may be performed under a voluntary clean-up program administered by the state’s environmental regulatory agency/department.  Also, please see our white papers on due diligence and risk-based site cleanup


Understanding the information and data that is obtained form environmental due diligence efforts requires knowledge and experience.  The ASTM standard and the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule that define the ESA process establish criteria for the minimum schooling and experience that a person (the Environmental Professional) must possess to perform or oversee an ESA.  Beyond these minimum requirements, the EP should have the experience to assist a client through the entire due diligence process, and should include experience in conducting sampling investigations as well as site clean-up.


JAS Environmental is very well qualified to assist buyers, sellers and lenders with their environmental due diligence needs.
As a degreed scientist with over 35 years  of experience in the environmental field, Mr. Stofferahn’s experience far exceeds
the minimum requirements for an Environmental Professional.  Having planned, overseen, and conducted numerous environmental clean-ups, he has the knowledge and experience to assist his clients in understanding the potential risks associated with the property as revealed by the results of environmental due diligence, and can provide practical, real word solutions for managing and mitigating these risks.

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