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Spill Reporting and Regulatory Support


If a spill occurs, there may be requirements for reporting the event to one or more regulatory agencies.  USEPA has established reportable quantities (RQs) for many chemicals, releases above these limits require reporting.  However, whether or not a spill event is reportable, and who must be notified, can at times be difficult to determine.  Also, the idea of making regulatory notifications can be daunting.  However, not making such notifications when required can have serious implications.  JAS Environmental has assisted numerous clients determine if they have a reportable  spill event or not, and if so, who must be notified. Additionally, JAS Environmental has made such notifications and has acted as liaison on the behalf of the client with the responding regulators during the response.


Spill events can be costly, and can expose a client to regulatory scrutiny as well as potential litigation.  Prompt action to mitigate the release is key to minimizing these effects; however, it is also critical to properly and thoroughly document such actions.  Often times, a post-response report will be required under regulation. Documentation of the efforts undertaken to respond to a spill event can be useful in addressing the concerns of regulators and others. JAS Environmental has assisted clients in documenting spill response and preparing spill reports after the response action has been completed.


RQs established under CERCLA and EPCRA can be found in the USEPAs List of Lists.

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