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Risk Evaluation and Site Remediation



  • To assess potential risk at a chemically-contaminated site, sampling data is initially compared to generic screening levels or preliminary clean-up goals which are applicable to the site’s setting and usage.  For any contaminants exceeding these levels, site-specific clean-up levels can be calculated using standardized risk algorithms.  The potential migration of contaminants can also be modeled using other algorithms or computerized models to determine how far a contaminant might travel in a specific media such as groundwater. 

  • Once risk has been evaluated at a site, a remedial plan can be developed that addresses any contaminants that are determined to pose an unacceptable level of risk. A remedial plan may rely on active clean-up strategies (e.g., soil removal, groundwater treatment), or the use of engineered barriers and building control technologies (e.g., asphalt covers, foundation venting) that prevent physical exposure to the chemical, and institutional controls that limits site usage (e.g., deed restrictions , local groundwater ordinances)

  • JAS Environmental has evaluated risk, and/or developed and successfully implemented clean-up plans for hundreds of contaminated sites. 


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