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Compliance Assessment and Programs


Achieving and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations is often a daunting task for many businesses.  Regulations can be very complex and difficult to understand. Often times business owners and managers are unaware that their operations are covered by a particular regulation.  Even businesses with an established compliance program often benefit from a “second set of eyes”  review from an experienced auditor.  Compliance requires a commitment of resources; however, the costs of non-compliance can be much greater.  For those who are not properly prepared, visits from a regulator agency,  external audits  conducted by a customer , or  even internal audit conducted under a corporate compliance program can be stressful and in some cases can lead to serious impacts to your operations.


JAS Environmental can help.  We can provide a confidential  review of existing operations and/or planned expansions to assess compliance – ranging from an informal assessment to identify any major compliance needs, to conducting rigorous and detailed audits of  existing operations and/or assessments of future compliance needs.  We can also perform assessments as part of due diligence prior to purchase of a business.


Written compliance programs  can be developed specific to your facility, including compliance calendars which detail
regular tasks required by regulation or permit such as inspections, record-keeping and data gathering, reports and submittals, as well as standardized procedures detailing the  proper execution of these tasks.  Personnel training specific to compliance-related tasks can also be provided.


JAS Environmental can provide assistance with regulatory inspections, post-inspection requests, and response to notices of violations, compliance plans and technical assistance with developing compliance agreements. 

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