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Wastewater Compliance


Wastewaters generated from an industrial or  manufacturing process can pose questions and problems regarding it’s proper management. Can this wastewater be discharged to the sewer, or should I transport it to an off-site waste handling facility?  If it can be discharged, is a permit needed, do I need to pre-treat the wastewater prior to discharge, what kind of sampling and record-keeping requirements might be needed?


The regulatory framework for managing process-related wastewaters is complex; local treatment plants set general discharge limits; however, certain dischargers must meet discharge limits that are established by U.S.EPA at the federal level.  Permits to construct and operate a pre-treatment system are typically issued by the state regulatory authority.


 JAS Environmental can evaluate your production / process-related wastewaters to answer these questions.


The USEPA website is helpful in understanding the regulatory requirements surrounding wastewater management.


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